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NewsTesla still has to improve its build quality

Tesla still has to improve its build quality

Tesla still has a long way to go in order to reach the level of fit and finish expected of cars in the price range occupied by the company's vehicles

  • A new owner of a Model S Plaid posted a video on Youtube where he highlights at least eight issues with his car’s exterior fit and finish

  • Tesla’s build quality has improved over the years, but it still seems inconsistent

  • A Model S Plaid starts at $130,000 in the US and $170,000 in Canada

The build quality of Tesla vehicles has been talked about extensively since the company introduced the Model S for the 2012 model year.

While it seems like the company listened to criticisms and puts more care into building its cars, the quality as well as fit and finish of the brand’s vehicles are very inconsistent and often leave a lot to be desired.

This inconsistency is what leads to cars being virtually defect-free, while others are plagued with a multitude of issues that are rarely seen in other cars built in the last twenty years.

This particular owner was excited to take delivery of his brand-new 2022 Model S Plaid, the quickest and most expensive version of Tesla’s flagship sedan, but his enthusiasm was quickly replaced with disappointment when he began to notice flaws in his car’s exterior finish.

First of all, the car was delivered to him dirty, with grease smears all over the paint, which leaves a bad first impression.

Looking more closely, he noticed the bad alignment of the left side-skirt where it meets the front fender, as well as a scratch in the paint covering the camera on the same fender.

Moving back, both rear fender liners are ill-fitting, leaving large gaps for water and debris to accumulate against the metal and both taillights have scratches on their surface.

A couple of paint imperfections are found around the whole car but the biggest problem is the clear-coat on the driver’s side rear quarter that is peeling, due to a bad installation no doubt.

All of these annoying flaws could be rectified by the service center, but they should happen to begin with, especially on a car that costs $130,000 in the United States and $170,000 in Canada. They shouldn’t happen on any new car sold in 2022.

Tesla will need to up its game in terms of quality if it wants to compete with the new EVs introduced by well established companies, because a lot of buyers want more than just impressive technology and performance.

Source: Pinnacle Performance (Youtube.com) Via InsideEVs


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