Monday, May 23, 2022
News Tesla to Increase its Supercharger Network by 300% in Two Years

Tesla to Increase its Supercharger Network by 300% in Two Years

More federal funds will enable Tesla to further increase its Supercharger network

  • Charger congestion in some areas has become an issue.

  • There are currently nearly 29,500 superchargers globally.

  • Tesla will soon allow other EVs access to its network.

Tesla’s Supercharger network is already the largest of its kind in the world. With nearly 30,000 chargers spread over more than 3,250 locations around the world, Tesla’s infrastructure is one of its greatest assets. Moving forward, Tesla wants to triple its network over the next two years.

Tesla’s Musk Says Superchargers Will Begin to Open to All EVs

These numbers already represent an impressive 50% increase over the last year. But even so, congestions has become a serious issue at numerous locations where some Tesla owners have experienced extremely long wait times for a charge. Tesla’s clearly working on boosting its number of Superchargers and they’re about to turn up the power according to Electrek.

Thanks to Tesla’s decision to allow EVs from other brands to use their network, they will have access to Federal programs. These funds are destined to help grow EV charging networks nationally and will enable Tesla to fast-forward its Supercharger network expansion plans.

In the interim, some over-taxed Supercharger locations are getting some relief via mobile Superchargers and pricing strategies to urge off-peak charging.

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