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NewsTesla to Launch New Roadster and Cybertruck in 2023 Followed by Updates...

Tesla to Launch New Roadster and Cybertruck in 2023 Followed by Updates to Model 3 and X

Tesla’s going to freshen things up over the next three years

  • The Model S was recently refreshed and the Model Y got a few updates too.

  • The Model 3 is slated for a redesign in 2024.

  • The flagship Model X should get a facelift in 2025.

Tesla might still own all EV segments as these lines are being written however competition is getting fiercer. The American EV company has taken its time to spruce up its models, namely the Model S, which was sold practically unchanged visually for a decade. Moving forward, Tesla’s going to make efforts to keep things fresh.

Elon Musk Says the Tesla Cybertruck will See Changes in its Price and Specifications

Legends, at the point anyhow, of the coming of the Cybertruck stipulate that 2023 will be the year when it begins rolling off the assembly line. This same year, the Roadster, the new one, will also be built. The best guess is that the supercar will follow the pickup timewise.

The ultra-popular Model 3 is expected to get attention next. Short of an updated interior, a power trunk, and a heat pump, the electric sedan has received little to no attention, other than huge price increases. Based on Automotive News, the oldest current Tesla might be redesigned in 2024. As for the 2023 model year, many suggest that a Plaid edition is coming.

Tesla Model X Should You Buy
Tesla Model X Should You Buy

Finally, the Model X will likely be refreshed in 2025 while an overhaul might come at the end of the decade. It was updated somewhat last year, like the Model S, with a new horizontal touchscreen, a revised interior, new motors (including the Plaid version), a battery pack, and electronics. Visually, however, little or nothing’s changed since its arrival.


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