Tuesday, January 18, 2022
News Tesla To Launch The Model S Plaid This Evening

Tesla To Launch The Model S Plaid This Evening

Although the hype around the Tesla Model S Plaid is strong, its official introduction will not have the usual impact on Tesla

  • The Plaid version of the Model S will be the fastest most powerful ever.

  • There’s concern over the real reason why Musk canceled the anticipated Plaid+.

Tesla has historically gained massive momentum and stock value boosts every time Elon Musk takes the stage. This time around, the official launch of the new Tesla Model S Plaid is unlikely to have such an effect.

Tesla Model S Plaid | Photo: Tesla via Twitter

The main reasons are that the Model S itself is aging. It was introduced back in 2012 and has changed little physically in nearly a decade. The other explanation stems from the recent announcement from the colourful CEO that the hotly-anticipated Plaid+ will not be produced.

This version was to be powered by Tesla’s latest battery technology known as 4680 cells. The latter touted more power and far more range. The Plaid itself is quite a performer as it will go from 0 to 60 miles (97 kilometers) per hour in under 2 seconds and deliver up to 390 miles of range. Even so, the Plaid+’s cancellation looms.

“This ‘bait & switch’ has some Tesla fans worried, since they had deposits on the Model S Plaid+ and wanted the innovative 4680 battery cells that Tesla had been touting as the key to longer range and more power,” Navellier & Associates strategist Louis Navellier wrote in a note earlier this week as reported by Bloomberg (subscription required).

The Plaid’s reveal event takes place this evening at 7 pm Pacific Time. Just ahead of the reveal, Tesla has increased the Plaid’s pricing by $10,000.

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