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The 10 Promises Stellantis is Making to Every Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer Buyer

Wagoneers come with new dealer experience

  • New levels of luxury demand new levels of service

  • Dealers will need to apply to sell Wagoneer, just for a start

With the new Wagoneer and Jeep Grand Wagoneer breaking through the six-digit price barrier, Jeep knows that buyers are expecting a level of luxury and service different from those buying a Renegade or Compass. It’s evident from the Jeep badge and name missing almost completely from the materials talking about the vehicles, but also from the 10 new promises Stellantis is making to Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer buyers. These are those promises.

Stellantis says that not every Jeep dealer will be able to sell the models. Instead, US dealers who want to sell it will need to earn a Customer First award for excellence from J.D. Power, showing that they will deliver a higher standard. Canadian dealers do not have to meet that program (because it’s not offered) but were required to apply to sell the models.

“A high-tech and efficient sales and service experience using tablets and full integration to digital communication.” Stellantis says that means customers will be greeted when they enter showrooms, and that tech will be used but did not detail what that entailed.

Wagoneer Customer Service Promise | Photo: Stellantis

“Dealers will be staffed with many Certified Wagoneer Ambassadors.” 90 hours of training including certification exams will be required to make sure that sales staff “understand the brand, the products, full feature sets and use cases.” No worrying about salespersons who know less than the average customer about the six-figure model they’re selling.

“A full tank of gas at vehicle delivery.” We actually thought that was already standard, but won’t say no to fuel.

When it’s time for service or maintenance, Wagoneer owners will get their vehicle washed and cleaned inside and out. Stellantis also committed to restoring your radio presets if they get reset or changed.

A feature growing in popularity with luxury brands, Jeep Wagoneer will offer remote showroom, test drive, and delivery options, letting you buy from home. Dealers will also offer service pickup and delivery.

While your Wagoneer is in service, an “appropriate service loaner” will be provided. Stellantis says “same size capability” as what you have, which we assume means no more front-drive compact rental sedans when you bring your $100k Jeep in for an oil change.

“Provide convenient mobile, online and in-vehicle service scheduling and communication and a proactive service approach.” Remote diagnostics through vehicle connectivity as well as over the air updates all work to help make the service experience easier for customers.

“We will provide complimentary WiFi and phone charging stations, as well as high-quality beverages and snacks.” It’s like the first-class lounge without having to go through airport security every time you need to get your SUV serviced.

Lastly is Wagoneer Client Services, a 24/7 dedicated customer support system that includes five years of maintenance as well as trip interruption coverage and first-day rental coverage.

Canadian buyers, we’ve confirmed so far, will get most of the promises, other than as mentioned above. There will be dedicated call center support in French and English, and will have Certified Wagoneer Ambassadors as well as the “appropriate service loaner.” However Canadian buyers will get three-years of free maintenance rather than five.


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