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NewsThe 2025 Mercedes-Benz EQC Sedan Could Receive a Range Extender

The 2025 Mercedes-Benz EQC Sedan Could Receive a Range Extender

The upcoming Mercedes-Benz EQC sedan could get a range-extender as an option.

  • This upcoming sedan will be the electric version of the new gas-powered CLA.

  • Buyers might be able to choose a gasoline range extender, which is being developed for China.

  • This model will share its platform with three other entry-level models.

Mercedes-Benz is currently working on four new electrified models to replace its entry-level offerings and one of them, the EQC sedan, could be available with a range-extender.

According to Autocar, this model will be the electric version of the next-generation CLA which is getting ready to enter the European market in the first half of 2025.

It appears that the automaker will use the same platform and architecture for the CLA, EQC, EQA, and EQB since it has been engineered to support both fully electric and gasoline-fueled powertrains.

In addition to the EQC, the other electric models could also get a gasoline-powered version, especially those intended for sale in emerging markets where access to charging facilities is still deficient.

A few camouflaged concepts of these models have been spied out in the open and it seems that their design will be inspired by the EQXX concept.

Electric versions, including the EQC, will make use of a new 800-volt architecture and silicon-carbide electronics that will allow them to be more efficient and charge faster than the brand’s current EVs.

Powertrain options will reportedly include a choice between single and dual motor setups as well as a choice of Lithium-ion-phosphate (LFP) or Lithium-ion batteries (Li-ion).

The largest of these batteries should come in at a capacity of about 100 kWh and a range of 528 miles (850 kilometres). Keep in mind that this range figure is more than likely based on the more permissive WLTP standard used in Europe.

Thus, if the EQC makes its way to the North American market, its EPA range estimates could be significantly lower.

Mercedes has yet to confirm the availability of this upcoming model for individual world markets, but since it will serve as an electric counterpart to the new CLA, it is likely to be offered here as well.

Apparently, the range-extender option will use a modified version of the company’s new turbocharged three and four-cylinder engines that will be manufactured in China by Geely.

The arrival of the EQC sedan in Europe could be confusing to some buyers, however, since the company already sells the EQC SUV there, which is a fully electric SUV based on the GLC and the C-Class sedan. This means that both the sedan and SUV would share a name without being mechanically related or even in the same price bracket.

It will be interesting to follow the development of Mercedes’ quartet of new entry-level models over the next year, especially the CLA and EQS.

Source: Autocar


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