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NewsThe Acura NSX Could be Back as an Electric Vehicle in 2026

The Acura NSX Could be Back as an Electric Vehicle in 2026

Acura could bring back the NSX as an electric sports car in 2026.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard rumours about the return of the NSX badge on the hood of an electric-only car in the brand’s future. At the unveiling of the latest Acura NSX – in Type S livery – earlier this spring, the brand’s vice president and spokesman Jon Ikeda had already indicated that the NSX would return in electric form.

Now, Ikeda has reaffirmed his support for the model’s return, this time in an interview with Nikkei Asia magazine. According to the head honcho, there will be a third generation of the NSX. We can see the evolution of the model with the first one with a naturally-aspirated V6 and a manual gearbox, the second one with a twin-turbo V6 and three electric motors and a dual-clutch gearbox, while the third one will be clearly electric, possibly with all-wheel drive and a pair of motors.

Jon Ikeda also indicated that the future NSX would not only be a car ideal for straight-line acceleration. That’s to be hoped for, as the first two versions of the model have proven their agility over the decades, whether on a closed course or just on a twisty back road.

What’s more, Mr. Ikeda also added that the decision to bring back the NSX was not his to make; that was more the responsibility of Honda’s President and CEO, Mr. Toshihiro Mibe.

According to the publication, people familiar with the matter have speculated on when Honda and Acura would want to bring the NSX name back into the fold, and that time would be 2026, which would coincide with the introduction of the new e:Architecture platform dedicated to electric propulsion and designed entirely by Honda.

Remember that the first two forays into the electric segment will be based on the GM-developed Ultium platform, Acura will bring back the ZDX name to its lineup of utility vehicles, while Honda is currently working on the Prologue, another electric crossover expected somewhere in 2024.

We’ll see if these rumors are true in a few years, but for now, the next few months will be mainly focused on performance as Acura strategists are already working on the Type S version of the Integra sedan.


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