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NewsThe Alfa Romeo Giulia Will Survive as an Electric Sedan

The Alfa Romeo Giulia Will Survive as an Electric Sedan

Alfa Romeo will make an electric Giulia in the next few years.

  • Despite SUVs being very popular, Alfa Romeo will keep making at least one sedan

  • Since the brand wants to become fully electric by 2027, this model will not be powered by fossil fuels

  • Alfa Romeo wants to double its annual sales by 2023 with the arrival of the Tonale

Alfa Romeo is committed to making a sports sedan, since the company announced that the Giulia will see a new generation in a couple of years.

This upcoming model will have to be fully electric however, since Alfa Romeo has pledged to only sell EVs by 2027, which doesn’t leave enough time for a new generation between then and now. Indeed, the current Giulia is set to receive a facelift in 2023 to remain competitive until then.

This decision is surprising when considering that sedans have not been as popular as SUVs for many years already and the automaker knows this.

Indeed, the focus at Alfa Romeo is firmly on a new crop of SUVs that are currently in the works. By 2027, there will be four crossovers wearing the Alfa badge, including the Tonale that is set to be launched shortly and the Brennero that will arrive in 2024.

Alfa Romeo believes that despite the popularity of SUVs, there is still a place on the market for dynamic sports sedans, so that is what it will aim for with the Giulia. It is still too early to know any details about the mechanicals of this upcoming model but it is confirmed that it will be a battery electric vehicle.

The small automaker is hoping to increase its sales dramatically in the coming decade with these new products and it is already aiming at 100,000 sales per year in 2023, which is close to double the 52,000 vehicles it sold in 2021.


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