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News The All-New Volvo EX90 is the Future of Safety Now

The All-New Volvo EX90 is the Future of Safety Now

The EX90 SUV is Volvo’s next step in moving towards an accident- and carbon-emission-free world

  • The production model launches on November 9th.

  • The new flagship SUV will be all-electric.

To this day, safety is the first thought that comes to mind for most when the name Volvo is uttered. This did not happen by accident. For decades upon decades, Volvo has shown leadership in this field and that’s not about to change. Their new EX90 SUV will mark the blending of various safety technologies that will make it the safest Volvo ever.

Volvo EX90 Concept | Photo: Volvo

The idea behind the Volvo EX90’s safety technologies is relatively simple. Rather than focusing on the surroundings or on the driver’s behaviour, it will combine both metrics to avoid, as much as possible, accidents as a whole.

Using LiDAR, the EX90 will take inventory of everything going on around the SUV as it circulates. The Light Detection and Ranging system is embedded in the vehicle’s roof and, because it does not need light to function like a camera, can and will detect pedestrians at up to 250 metres distance and something as small and dark as a tire on a black road 120 metres ahead. Thanks to the technology, Volvo has discovered that accidents with severe outcomes can be reduced by up to 20%, and overall crash avoidance can be improved by up to 9%.

Volvo EX90 Concept | Photo: Volvo

This Autonomous Drive technology, once all safety verifications are in place and all necessary approvals have been secured, will be introduced in the EX90 and available through subscription.

The EX90 Concept will also introduce new tech that will also enable the car to get a better understanding of the driver’s state. The new driver understanding system as standard in our EX90 will, using its two onboard cameras, attempt to pick up signals that may indicate that the driver is not at their best. By observing the driver’s eye-gaze patterns, measuring the driver’s steering wheel inputs, and by comparing both sets of information to patented algorithms, the EX90 may step in via an audible warning or essentially take over driving completely and bring the vehicle to a full stop.

Volvo EX90 Concept | Photo: Volvo

“We believe the EX90 to be the safest Volvo car to ever hit the road,” said Joachim de Verdier, head of Safe Vehicle Automation at Volvo Cars. “We are fusing our understanding of the outside environment with our more detailed understanding of driver attention. When all our safety systems, sensors, software, and computing power come together, they create a preventative shield of safety around you – and you won’t even know it’s there until you need it.”

The production version of the Volvo EX90 Concept will be revealed to the world on November 9th. It will replace the current-generation Volvo XC90 SUV as the Swedish brand’s flagship vehicle.

Dealerships are certainly looking forward to seeing the new EX90.

“The XC90 has been such an important model for Volvo. Our customers have been asking for an electric version for a little while now and this appears to be it”, says a sales rep at Volvo Cars of Toronto.

Nearby, a rep at Volvo Cars of Mississauga confirmed interest was growing in the EX90. “We have definitely been hearing more about it recently and getting more questions. We’re excited to see what Volvo has in store”.

Volvo EX90 Concept | Photo: Volvo

Volvo EX90 Concept | Photo: Volvo

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