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NewsThe Apple Car will be a Fully Autonomous EV When it Arrives...

The Apple Car will be a Fully Autonomous EV When it Arrives in 2025

Technology development for the Apple car is underway but much still needs to be determined

  • The self-driving EV is planned for a 2025 introduction.

  • The car would be more like a pod on wheels than a conventional vehicle.

The topic of the Apple car has been covered countless times already, but details and an actual business model are still mirky. On numerous occasions this year alone, many reports were published stating that Apple was teaming up with an automaker to build their car but, it seems, none have panned out. What we do know is that the Apple car will be a fully autonomous EV.

Apple Struggling to Find Suppliers for Apple Car

The best information now available pertaining to the Project Titan, Apple’s codename for the project, is that the tech company will run a fleet of them in much the same way as Uber and Lyft operated theirs. Unlike these two for-hire companies, Apple will not sell cars individually.

When Apple says their cars will be fully autonomous, they mean Level 5 autonomous where it will pilot itself without any human intervention period.  Apple is currently testing its self-driving tech on its fleet of 69 retrofitted Lexus SUVs according to Gizmodo. There’s still plenty of work to be done but they’ve recently completed the design for a new processor to make it all work.

What still remains to be figured out is who will supply the Apple car with an electric powertrain and build it. Reportedly, Apple does not have any facilities to manufacture and assemble Project Titan so they still need to find a partner or two.

Apple wants to debut the car in 2025 however many think this is wishful thinking. It’s quite possible it will not launch before 2026 or even later.


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