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News The Best Time To Buy Winter Tires Is Now

The Best Time To Buy Winter Tires Is Now

The snow is melting, April’s just around the corner and you will be installing your summer wheels and tires this weekend. What about your worn-out winter tires? You should deal with them now.

The vast majority of we who wisely install season-appropriate winter tires on our cars have to come to term that, sooner rather than later, they won’t last another winter. Even with little accumulated mileage, tires begin losing their elasticity seven after being produced. As we know, a winter tire’s flexibility helps when gripping ice.

The situation we face every other season, particularly in spring, is that we want to forget about the cold and put off anything that reminds us that winter will inevitably return, and sooner than we want. Thing is that we all feel the same way and all end up rushing and panicking come the first snowfall in late fall.

Three Things That Happen When Using Winter Tires in Summer

As you swap out your wheels/tires yourself, as I do, you have the luxury of bringing your wheels for fresh new rubber at any time – But we’ll forget until we trip over the wheels in the shed or garage in July. We will tell ourselves that we’ll deal with them in September, before the rush. We won’t.

If you make an appointment with a garage for the wheel/tire installation, you fully understand how stressful and difficult it can be to get a timeslot in November before or worse, during the first massive snow dumping. While you are at the garage getting your summer rubber mounted, selecting new wither tires will be painless, mostly. And it’ll be done.

Despite advertising, stories like this one, media and other sources of information, we consumers tend to not be prepared in a timely fashion. And as certain markets now impose winter tires before specific dates, this causes a number of headaches for both you, the driver, and the shop.

Not only can there be massive delays for a date, but a recent phenomenon is a serious shortage of inventory in times of rush. The situation will not improve in Quebec in particular as every citizen is obligated to have their winter rubber ready to go as of December 1st, 2019 next winter. Unfortunately, this is a misguided decision on the governing body’s part, but this is a whole other debate.

If your winter tires are worn out, you’ll probably have lived through a few frustrating situations over the past winter. Selecting good new tires now, such as the Nokian Hakkapeliitta R3 (one of our best picks), you’ll rediscover how competent and safe your car can be. The right tire can even transform how your car behaves in ugly wintery situations – I know the R3s gave my Volkswagen Golf Sportwagen’s wings, or just about.

Now, stop shaking your head and thinking: “whatever, I’ll do it later, shut up…” Think about your future self and how happy he or she will be when you’re all set when the first dumping of the white stuff shows up. In fact, if you were really smart, you’d book a rendezvous with the shop in October, before hell freezes over.

Be behaving wisely now, and thinking preventatively, you’ll not only be stress-free next fall but when 30cm land on the ground on November 2nd, you’ll point and laugh at all those slipping and sliding all over the road.

Winter Tires In Summer Aren't Dangerous, They Are Just Not Ideal

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