Sunday, June 4, 2023
News The BMW i7 is Teased Before its Launch due for 2022

The BMW i7 is Teased Before its Launch due for 2022

BMW's flagship electric sedan will arrive in 2022

BMW has released some photos of its future large electric sedan, the BMW i7, in Arjeplog, Sweden a short distance from the Arctic Circle. The future electric 7-Series will be unveiled in 2022, probably as a 2023 model, and will also serve as the basis for all future 7-Series variants, which means that the Bavarian division is not completely abandoning the large gasoline sedan segment.

BMW describes its new i7 as “the world’s first all-electric luxury sedan,” a rather bold claim considering that other players already have what can be described as “luxury” sedans on the market, including Porsche with its Taycan, Tesla with its Model S or even Mercedes-Benz, which recently launched the EQS. But BMW, which is known for the superior driving pleasure of its vehicles, should in principle deliver an i7 with enhanced performance and limousine-like comfort.

2022 BMW i7 Teaser | Photo: BMW

The presence of the prototype near the Arctic Circle is also good news for skeptics, as road conditions are particularly difficult in this remote corner of the world. The test drivers will have subjected the Bavarian grande dame to a wide range of difficult road conditions, which should speed up the development of the suspension, steering and even the multiple safety systems, including traction control and stability control, to name a few. In fact, as a modern luxury sedan, the BMW i7 will be equipped with a driving mode selector, if only to give its driver options.

The BMW i7 will be powered by the fifth generation of the eDrive system, the same powertrain that powers the recent BMW iX. We can therefore speculate on an approximate power output of this future electric sedan, since the xDrive50 livery of the electric SUV delivers a maximum power of 516 horsepower with a fast charging capacity of up to 200 kW and an estimated range of 475 km according to the US EPA.

2022 BMW i7 Teaser | Photo: BMW

An i7 xDrive50 sedan could therefore inherit a similar powertrain, while an M60 livery with more than 600 horsepower could also join the lineup a little later, like the BMW iX, which will also be entitled to such a performance variant.

It remains to be seen whether the new design of this i7 will be critically acclaimed, as the future electric 7-Series will be flanked by a design similar to that of the XM Concept unveiled just this week, with headlights positioned lower and a row of daytime running lights housed a little higher on the bumper. We’ll know more about it sometime in 2022.

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