Friday, October 7, 2022
News The BMW Neue Klasse Platform will Underpin an Electric 3 Series

The BMW Neue Klasse Platform will Underpin an Electric 3 Series

The next generation of the BMW 3 Series will be a fully electric sedan based on the Neue Klasse platform.

  • This new platform will be concentrated on the midsize segment at first

  • Despite previous rumours, this platform will only host EVs

  • The electric 3 Series will arrive in 2025

BMW revealed more details about its electrification strategy and specifically its Neue Klasse platform, which will arrive in 2025.

This new platform will be the starting point of BMW’s next generation of sedans and sports cars, all of which will be powered by electric drivetrains.

According to the automaker, the Neue Klasse platform will be focused on midsized vehicles at first, especially the 3 Series, but it will later be expanded to cover more market segments.

Despite earlier reports, this platform will be exclusively used for electric vehicles. The automaker had previously hinted that it would use the same platform for gasoline or diesel-powered vehicles, but this has now been refuted.

This means that larger BMW models could continue being offered with combustion engines for longer, since they won’t be built on the Neue Klasse architecture.

This news has been positive for the automaker, since investors are reportedly happy to hear the brand will concentrate its efforts into electrification.

In addition to being a new chassis, BMW says the Neue Klasse will feature the latest electric powertrain technology from BMW, which means more powerful motors, new battery cell designs and a new battery chemistry.

All of these changes will likely result in more powerful electric vehicles that have a longer range than those currently offered.

The first model to be built on this platform will be the electric 3 Series, which is due to be introduced in 2025.

That same year, the automaker wants to reach 2 million sales of fully electric vehicles and its goal is to have half its sales be EVs by the end of the decade.

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