Sunday, September 25, 2022
News The C9 Corvette Could be Fully Electric when it Arrives in Several...

The C9 Corvette Could be Fully Electric when it Arrives in Several Years

After moving to mid-engine for the C8, the C9 Corvette could ditch the gasoline engine altogether

  • GM surveyed C8 corvette owners to understand what they want in the next generation

  • The next generation of Corvette could be a fully electric sports car

  • It is not expected before many years

The eight generation of the Chevrolet Corvette just arrived on the market for the 2020 model year but General Motors is already thinking about its replacement.

A survey asked current Corvette owners what they would like to see added to the next model, which was referred to as an electric sport vehicle and the questions give a look into what the company is working on for the C9 Corvette.

Among the questions about features and technologies where some questions that hint at a future electric model, such as a slightly puzzling one that asked if drivers would want a silent start option in an electric vehicle, which are usually silent by default. This could mean that the electric Corvette will have a computer-generated noise that plays at start up to replace the traditional growl of the V8.

This model will not be seen on the roads for quite a while, however, since the current Corvette still has a long career in front of itself, especially if it happens to be the very last generation of the iconic sports car that is powered by gasoline.

In the mean time, the Corvette will begin its electrification process much sooner with the Corvette E-Ray, which will have a hybrid powertrain when it arrives in 2023 or 2024.

This model will feature electric motors to power the front wheels while the LT2 V8 engine powers the rear wheels and it will be able to drive in all electric mode, although probably not for long distances since this powertrain will have a definite focus on performance.

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