Sunday, May 22, 2022
News The Cadillac Lyriq AWD will Have 500 Horsepower

The Cadillac Lyriq AWD will Have 500 Horsepower

The most powerful version of the Cadillac Lyriq will have two motors that will deliver 500 horsepower.

  • The entry level version is rear wheel drive and will feature 340 horsepower

  • The dual-motor version will likely have less range than the 312 miles (502 kilometers) claimed for the RWD model

  • Orders for the RWD version will begin on May 19 with the AWD variant arriving this fall

Cadillac revealed in an Instagram post that the upcoming all-wheel drive version of the Lyriq electric SUV will deliver 500 horsepower from its dual-motor powertrain.

The Lyriq, which will be the brand’s first fully electric vehicle, will be offered in two versions when it arrives later this year. The entry-level model will be powered by a single motor placed on the rear axle that will deliver 340 horsepower.

Both this model and the AWD version will use a 100 kWh Ultium battery pack which is claimed to provide the RWD model with a driving range of 312 miles (502 kilometers). Since the more powerful version will be heavier, it is expected to have a lower range, although Cadillac hasn’t released much information about it yet.

Having a 500-horsepower output will place the Lyriq favorably among its competition, since the most powerful Audi e-Tron has 469 horsepower and the BMW iX has 516 horsepower.

Orders for the Cadillac Lyriq will begin on May 19th, but only the rear-wheel drive Debut Edition will be available at launch. The automaker says to expect the dual-motor variant in the fall of this year, which will mean some buyers will be able to benefit from the added safety of AWD right before winter starts.

The Lyriq is only the second model to be built on General Motors’ new Ultium platform, and the first one to be destined to the larger public. This platform and related technologies will be the starting point of most of the company’s electric vehicles for the years to come.

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