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NewsThe Chevrolet Bolt Will Not Resume Production Before Late January

The Chevrolet Bolt Will Not Resume Production Before Late January

The Chevrolet Bolt EV will have to wait a while longer to resume production

  • Production of the Chevrolet Bolt has been stopped since August, save from a short period in November

  • Production will be resumed on January 28th

  • The production is stopped while cars already on the road receive new batteries

The Chevrolet Bolt has had quite a eventful year in 2021 and it isn’t over yet, since General Motors decided to extend the production halt until late January 2022.

The massive recall that has affected every Chevrolet Bolt ever made due to possible battery fires was launched in August and production of new vehicles was stopped at the same time.

After looking for a fix during many months, General Motors finally began to fix customer cars back in October.

Due to the ongoing chip shortage and the very high demand for Bolt batteries, the automaker opted to prioritise recalling vehicles that are already on the road instead of building new ones, so the production line in Orion, Michigan remained shut.

The only exception to this was a two-week period in November where cars were made in order to supply dealers with courtesy cars to lend to owners whose Bolt was getting the recall work done.

After this brief return to production, the Bolt was set to wait about three weeks before regular production was set to resume on December 3rd.

Now General Motors has announced the assembly line will remain shut until the 28th of January, again in order to prioritise the recalls with the limited supply of available batteries.

Once regular production will be underway again, the saga of the battery recall will mostly be behind the Bolt, but the last months have been very difficult for many of its owners.


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