Monday, September 27, 2021
News The City transformer unveiled in Munich is a tiny city car with...

The City transformer unveiled in Munich is a tiny city car with a party trick

  • The car can widen its track to increase performance and comfort, or shorten it to ease city driving

  • The City transformer has an estimated range of 180 km

  • Base price will be set at $15,000 in the United States

The City transformer which was unveiled this week at the IAA mobility show in Munich is a very small electric city car.

Designed as an urban mobility solution, the City transformer has a feature which gives it the ability to modify its width according to two drive modes.

In City mode, the narrow track combined with the diminutive size of the car allows it to sneak trough traffic like a motorcycle and to share a single parking space with three other City transformers, all in an effort to reduce congestion in densely populated areas.

In Performance mode however, the track widens by 400mm in order to provide better stability for spirited driving and a more comfortable ride.

The City transformer is powered by two 7,5 kW electric motors which gives the car a top speed of 90 km/h and a 5 second 0 to 50 km/h acceleration time.

Its range is estimated to be 180 km and charging a depleted battery back to 80% should take 30 minutes when using a DC fast charger.

Manufacturing the City transformer is said to use 50% less parts than other electric cars, which reduces its environmental impact and allows its base price to be as low as 15,000 USD.

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