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NewsThe Design of the Upcoming Alfa Romeo Small SUV Might Have Leaked

The Design of the Upcoming Alfa Romeo Small SUV Might Have Leaked

Leaked graphics appear to show the design of an upcoming Alfa Romeo SUV that could be called Brennero.

  • This model will be based on the European Jeep Avenger and Fiat 600.

  • Electric and gasoline powertrains will be offered, at least until 2027

  • These graphics are rumoured to have leaked from the developers of the instrument cluster.

Alfa Romeo is working on an upcoming sub-compact SUV to be placed under the new Tonale, at least in Europe.

While we still don’t know that model’s official name, rumours call it the Brennero, we might now know what it will look like.

Indeed, graphics showing a small Alfa Romeo SUV have reportedly leaked from the company’s design center, more specifically from the department responsible for the look of the digital instrument cluster’s menus.

Obviously, this has not been confirmed by the automaker, but the detail and general look of the graphics give them some credibility.

From what can be seen, this small model will be quite different from its platform mates, which are the Jeep Avenger and the Fiat 600.

Indeed, the upcoming SUV features a revised version of Alfa’s traditional triangular grille that has been reduced enough to allow a front plate to be installed in the center, something that is not possible in the brand’s other models.

Alfa Romeo SUV graphic | Photo: Cochespias1 (Instagram)

In addition, we can see headlamps that include three LED sections for the daytime running lights and a new take on the classic phone-dial wheels, another Alfa Romeo hallmark.

Like the Jeep Avenger, this future Alfa model will feature hidden rear door handles that integrate into the C-pillar as well as the option for a contrasting black roof.

In the background of the graphic are also some clues that hint at the powertrains that will be available.

Indeed, the image shows a battery charge indicator overlayed on top of the vehicle’s side profile, indicating that an electric version will be offered, its battery to be located under the floor.

Said battery will power the front wheels only as in the Avenger, with the possibility of an all-wheel drive setup lurking in the shadows. No official range figure has been revealed of course, but the Jeep EV gets 400 kilometres (248 miles) according to the WLTP cycle.

This is no surprise considering that both its Fiat and Jeep counterparts are also primarily EVs, with gasoline-powered versions still in the wings.

Alfa Romeo SUV graphic | Photo: Cochespias1 (Instagram)

It appears that the Alfa Romeo SUV will also receive gasoline engines later, but they might have a fairly short career since the brand as a whole has committed to becoming fully electric by 2027.

While we don’t know what the Italian company has in mind in terms of combustion powertrain in its upcoming model, it might turn to the turbocharged 1.2L three-cylinder engine found in some Stellantis vehicles in Europe, either in conventional or mild hybrid form.

There is also a possibility that Alfa will want to further its electrification efforts by installing the plug-in hybrid powertrain that will power the upcoming Fiat 600 PHEV.

Since neither the Jeep Avenger nor Fiat 600 have been confirmed for sale in North America yet due to their diminutive size, it is possible that this upcoming Alfa Romeo crossover will be confined to overseas markets.

Source: Cochespias1 (Instagram) via Carscoops


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