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NewsThe Electric Lincoln Star Concept Presented in Detroit

The Electric Lincoln Star Concept Presented in Detroit

Lincoln presented its Star Concept to the public at the Detroit Auto Show.

Once upon a time, world premieres were commonplace in Detroit, but the 2022 edition, which is a shadow of its former self, had very little to show for it. Among the few head-turning models was Lincoln’s Star electric concept, which shared the podium with the L 100 shown earlier this summer at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.

Dressed in purple

According to Lincoln itself, this model is not headed to the product catalogue, but it presents a new face of the brand’s future product line. A vision that keeps the brand’s core values of comfort, space and convenience.

Lincoln Star Concept | Photo: Benoit Charette

Three new models by 2026

Lincoln is currently working on three new electric models and estimates that more than half of its global volume will be based on electric vehicles by the end of 2026. The Star Concept gives a glimpse of the design and details we can expect from these EVs.

Almost monarchical styling

The Star’s styling is bold with its transparent front trunk where we see an interior hood trim, which is quite unusual. It also emphasizes interior comfort. The front and rear seats are colour-coded. The rear seats are in keeping with the lounge theme with wrap-around styling and individual leg rests. There’s even a beverage cooler in the back seat. Up front, there’s a huge floating panoramic screen across the dash.

Lincoln Star Concept | Photo: Benoit Charette

No details on the battery

Without giving power or range figures, Lincoln said this architecture uses either rear- or all-wheel drive, which is consistent with similar vehicles from Ford.

A lounge mode at the Rear

Open the rear hatch and the Star Concept has a “lounge mode” that transforms into an outdoor seat. Up front, a drawer below the main trunk level can hold items you don’t want others to see. Although Lincoln didn’t mention it directly, an image of the Star Concept shows the steering wheel folded up and the front seats facing backwards. It would certainly be a comfortable way to travel if the technology were available to do so safely.

Lincoln Star Concept | Photo: Benoit Charette


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