Thursday, January 27, 2022
News The End is near for the Ford EcoSport

The End is near for the Ford EcoSport

Ford is stopping production of the EcoSport for the North American market

Is the Ford EcoSport about to leave us? The pocket crossover is, according to the Detroit Free Press, threatened with extinction in North America. The announcement on September 9 of the closure of the production plant in India affects the smallest vehicle sold by Ford here. The European continent will be able to continue to enjoy the EcoSport, thanks to the manufacturer’s Romanian factory, but in North America, the EcoSport’s journey will soon come to an end.

It should be mentioned that the Ford EcoSport marketed since 2017 (as a 2018 model) has never worried other players in the category. Faced with the big names in its group (Subaru Crosstrek, Honda HR-V, Nissan Qashqai, etc.), the EcoSport has never really caught on, especially because of the high prices asked for an average quality product.

Competition is fierce in this niche which has gradually replaced that of subcompact and compact cars. With one or two vehicles per brand, market segmentation is very real. EcoSport is expected to continue its path until mid-year in 2022.

The crossover, with its “vertical” design, had a few special features such as the rear door opening to the left or the fact that its base engine was a 1.0-liter turbo 3-cylinder, while the naturally aspirated 4-cylinder displacing 2.0-liters was the only option to take advantage of all-wheel drive.

It can also be mentioned that the arrival of the more modern Ford Escape and Ford Bronco Sport makes the EcoSport look dated, its production run dating back to 2012 outside of North America. What’s more, the upcoming arrival of the Ford Maverick at a starting price of $ 25,900 adds shade to the Ford EcoSport, which in 2021 commands a base price of $ 23,399. The Maverick is based on a more modern platform, in addition to being automatically equipped with a hybrid powertrain.

It will be interesting to see if Ford tries again in this rather popular category. For now at least, everything indicates that the Blue Oval will bet on its trio of small utility vehicles (Escape, Bronco Sport and Maverick).

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