Thursday, December 1, 2022
News The Factory Making the Ford Escape and Lincoln Corsair Could be Shut...

The Factory Making the Ford Escape and Lincoln Corsair Could be Shut Down

The future of Ford's Louisville Assembly Plant in Kentucky is uncertain since the models built there will not have direct successors.

  • Both compact SUVs are built at the Louisville Assembly Plant in Kentucky.

  • Ford has said it doesn’t intend to replace the Escape after its production run.

  • Negotiations with the worker’s union will take place in the coming year.

Despite having been refreshed for the 2023 model year, the Ford Escape and the Lincoln Corsair are now facing an uncertain future, and so is the plant that builds them.

According to Ford Authority, the automaker is not planning to replace the current Escape and Corsair after their product cycle is over in a couple of years.

This means that the Louisville Assembly Plant in Kentucky, where the Escape has been produced since 2012 and the Corsair since 2019, is at risk of being shut down in the current decade.

This is not the only possibility since the company could choose to move production of an existing model there after the Escape and Corsair exit their brand’s lineup, but no such announcement has been made for now.

Supporting the idea that Ford will choose to keep the plant open is that it invested $550 million in Louisville Assembly as recently as 2019 in order to keep the facility up to date despite it having been in operation since 1955.

In addition, the company has not closed any of its factories in the United States since 2011, and when the Oakville, Ontario plant that builds the Ford Edge and the Lincoln Nautilus faced a similar situation back in 2020, the company held talks with the worker’s union and decided to retool the factory for the production of the electric Explorer and Aviator.

However, the mass electrification of the automotive industry is creating a lot of major changes in the way automakers are conducting their business. This could lead Ford to abandon some of its current facilities in an effort to save money while being faced with large EV investments.

Discussions with the United Auto Workers (UAW) union that represents the Louisville factory’s 4,100 employees will take place in 2023 and they could lead to Ford deciding to have some of its upcoming electric models built there.

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