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News The First Canadian Rivian Showroom will Open in Vancouver on July 28

The First Canadian Rivian Showroom will Open in Vancouver on July 28

Rivian will have its first showroom in Canada by the end of the month.

  • This showroom will be located inside The Amazing Brentwood shopping mall.

  • It will be the first Rivian Space to feature augmented reality technology.

  • Other showrooms in large Canadian cities are expected to be added in the coming months.

Rivian uses an online sales model like its rival Tesla, but that doesn’t prevent it from opening factory-controlled showrooms in major cities across North America.

After having established its presence in Canada exclusively via online sales, the company is now ready to open its first “Space” in the country.

To do so, Rivian selected a location within The Amazing Brentwood, a shopping mall in Burnaby, British Columbia situated about 25 minutes east of downtown Vancouver.

Since this is not a traditional dealership and sales will continue to be made exclusively online, Rivian says those who visit the Vancouver Space will enjoy a casual experience, free from the pressure usually received from the sales staff.

With an opening date set for July 28, this should become the second Rivian space to exist anywhere, since the company has only just opened its New York City showroom last month.

At the moment, two additional Spaces are being built in Austin, Texas, and Laguna Beach, California.

The automaker wants all of its Spaces to be unique, which is why the Texas Space will feature a rooftop green area while the California one will be built in a former theatre.

In Vancouver’s case, the showroom will feature augmented reality that will allow customers to visualize their vehicle’s configuration before placing their order.

Rivian sales aren’t up to those of competitors such as Tesla, but the addition of more affordable “R2” models alongside the current R1T and R1S as well as access to Tesla’s Supercharging network could make the young automaker much more appealing to buyers in the coming years.

In addition, the company continues to develop its own Adventure charging network, which focuses mostly on far-away places drivers might want to explore, such as national parks and forests.

Since Tesla usually installs its Superchargers along major transit corridors, this means that both networks would complement each other more than they will compete.

At the moment, Rivian has yet to announce additional Spaces in Canada, but the company is likely to add such showrooms in the country’s other biggest cities such as Toronto and Montreal in the coming months or years.

Source: InsideEVs.

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