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News The First EV from Chrysler Could Arrive in 2024

The First EV from Chrysler Could Arrive in 2024

Chrysler's first electric vehicle could compete head to head with the Ford Mustang Mach-E

  • Chrysler showed the Airflow Concept, which looks surprisingly production-ready

  • This electric SUV could be a rival for the Ford Mustang Mach-E

  • It could have up to 440 miles (708 kilometers of range) when it arrives in 2024

The Chrysler brand has been struggling for many years due to a lineup that now only consists of the aging 300, the Pacifica minivan and the pre-facelift Pacifica sold as a base model under the Voyager name in the United States and the Grand Caravan name in Canada.

Since the formation of Stellantis at the end of 2020, the group gave the Chrysler brand 10 years to prove its worth and if it fails to do so, the almost century-old brand will be terminated.

In order to stay relevant and enter the modern era, Chrysler will introduce its first electric vehicle in 2024.

The brand recently showed the Airflow Concept and despite the managers remaining tight-lipped on the subject, it is very likely this vehicle will reach production with minimal changes.

Indeed, the concept seems surprisingly production ready, with all of the necessary marker lights and interior switches, which designers generally don’t bother with on styling studies and concepts which aren’t intended to see the road.

This model looks to be a sleek-looking SUV that should compete directly with the Ford Mustang Mach-E, and even the Tesla Model Y.

The Airflow name was used in the 1930s on a ground-breaking car that was among the first to be developed with aerodynamics in mind, which is probably why Chrysler wants to reuse it on its first electric vehicle.

This new Airflow will most likely be built on the company’s new STLA Medium platform, which means it could have up to 440 miles of range (708 kilometers) and power outputs ranging from 167 to 241 horsepower. A dual-motor all-wheel drive version is also likely to be offered.

The interior looks to be very modern and minimalistic, with a large center screen and two smaller screens for the driver and passenger on each side. Rear seat entertainment screens are also present and the vehicle should be capable of over-the-air updates.

Chrysler didn’t release an official timeline for the release of this new model, but since the platform it will be built on is targeted to reach market in 2024, the Airflow should follow soon after, perhaps for the 2025 model year.

Chrysler Airflow Concept | Photo: Stellantis
Chrysler Airflow Concept | Photo: Stellantis

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