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NewsThe first EVs from Aston Martin expected in 2025

The first EVs from Aston Martin expected in 2025

  • An electric sports car and an electric SUV are planned to show up in 2025.

  • Aston Martin is currently working on its front-engined sports cars.

  • There will also be a new mid-engine model.

According to Automotive News Europe, the British brand, now owned by Canadian Lawrence Stroll, will soon unveil a future range of models, including a venture into the electric side of things. This is what the president of the brand, Lawrence Stroll, said in an interview with the media outlet. The official unveiling is expected later this summer.

For now, the British firm is working on renewing its fleet of front-engine sports cars. The DB11, Vantage and DBS should be redesigned over the next few months, with the first of the trio being delivered next fall, said the brand’s executive.

For now, however, it’s unclear which model will be redesigned first, but it’s safe to assume it could very well be the DB11, the model that has been in service in that form since 2016. In the age of electrification, it’s also relevant to believe that some sort of hybrid technology would be incorporated into either of these front-engine sports cars, but we’ll have to wait until the new models are unveiled to learn more about what will fit under the hood.

Stroll also promised the introduction of a new mid-engine model that would fit under the hybrid-powered Valhalla hypercar. In short, with the renewal of the three front-engine sports cars and the introduction of the Valhalla and this new, more affordable model, Aston Martin doesn’t seem to want to abandon its sports car fan base, despite the hype around the Aston Martin DBX and its 707 variant.

Lagonda All-Terrain Concept | Aston Martin

The interview with Automotive News Europe also confirmed the arrival of two electric models, replacing the Rapide E and the complete electrification of the Lagonda brand. When Lawrence Stroll took over as head of Aston Martin, he canceled the project, because he thought it was too expensive.

Instead, Aston Martin plans to launch two electric vehicles, a sports car, and an SUV, starting in 2025 at its UK facilities. The sports car will be unveiled at the investor capital markets day later this summer. As for the SUV, it will likely be shown later. With the DBX topping the sales charts last year, the automaker will have to deliver something good with this other foray into the utility segment, even if it’s powered by electrons. And, let’s not forget all the EV SUVs already on the road.


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