Sunday, May 22, 2022
News The First Ford E-Transit will Arrive Shortly

The First Ford E-Transit will Arrive Shortly

Ford will begin deliveries of the E-Transit shortly

The shift to electric power in the trucking world does not only apply to personal vehicles. The commercial transportation industry must also turn to this clean propulsion mode. In fact, several players have already indicated their intentions to change their approach in the years to come.

One of them is Ford, which announced this week that deliveries of the first E-Transit have begun since the Kansas City assembly plant that handles battery and vehicle production has started. With more than 10,000 orders already placed for the electric commercial van, the U.S. automaker is looking for ways to speed up production, a major challenge with the semiconductor shortage still playing tricks on the automotive world.

This announcement comes just weeks before the official launch of the F-150 Lightning electric van, available in Pro or regular versions. Ford intends to reach its goal of producing more than 600,000 electric vehicles a year by the end of 2023. Of the number, strategists estimate that 200,000 will be Mach-E Mustangs with 150,000 customers driving an F-150 Lightning.

The order for more than 10,000 copies of the electric commercial van is coming from more than 300 companies across North America. Ford even says that interest in the E-Transit is coming from many types of companies, from small construction contractors to retail giants like Walmart, among others.

The war is on in the electric commercial vehicle market.

Meanwhile, in Quebec…

Hydro-Quebec has unveiled its plan to support the electrification of commercial vehicle fleets. Charging solutions for these commercial vehicles will be offered by its subsidiary InnovHQ. According to Hydro-Québec, the solutions will “help carriers and charging service providers make the transition to electric vehicles by providing them with the independent expertise, personalized support and intelligent charging management platform they need.

Hydro-Québec will offer two types of services, depending on each company’s needs:

– First, there will be an all-inclusive charging service, the latter consisting of complete support for all the steps required for a successful electric shift – selection and installation of the charging infrastructure, operation and maintenance of the infrastructure, and smart energy management.

– The other option will be the intelligent charging management platform that will involve a cloud-based application that ensures optimal charging of electric vehicles by integrating with existing fleet operators’ operations. Compatible with any type of vehicle, charging station or software in place, it optimizes energy costs.

Hydro-Québec has tested its solutions in a pilot project conducted in recent months with Autobus Groupe Séguin.

As the shift to electric vehicles accelerates, these integrated solutions will become essential for many companies that do not want to find themselves with a fleet of electric vehicles that do not run because of poor equipment management.

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