Sunday, September 25, 2022
News The Ford Eluminator Electric Crate Motor Sold Out in 3 Days

The Ford Eluminator Electric Crate Motor Sold Out in 3 Days

Ford's electric crate motor is a hot item

  • Ford introduced an electric crate motor last week

  • 3 days later, the company announced its supply of the Eluminator crate motor was depleted

  • Ford will notify interested customers when the next batch of motors is ready

Ford launched the first electric crate motor last week and demand has been so strong that its entire supply was sold within 3 days.

The Eluminator motor, as Ford Calls it, is one of the electric motors that can be found in the Ford Mustang Mach-E GT.

With a power output of 281 horsepower, it can be used alone or combined with another unit in order to double that number.

Ford added the eluminator to its Ford Performance Parts catalogue, a selection of parts owners can buy at their dealership to customise their new or vintage car.

This was the first time an automaker offered a standalone electric motor for the purpose of being used in custom vehicles or electrified classic cars.

Perhaps helped by the simultaneous reveal of the Ford F-100 Eluminator concept, a 1978 Ford F-100 that was restomodded and powered by two of the motors, demand was very strong for the crate motor.

So strong in fact that the company announced they were sold out only 3 days after the initial release.

Ford didn’t say how many were sold, but the company says it didn’t expect such high demand and it is working on a new batch of motors.

Interested customers can request to be notified when the Eluminator goes back on sale.

Currently, only the motor is offered from Ford, but controllers and batteries will be added to the catalog at a later date, which will make it much easier to electrify classic vehicles or custom projects.

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