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The Ford Maverick is Taking Buyers from the Honda CR-V and the Toyota RAV4

The Maverick is attracting many new buyers to Ford showrooms.

  • Ford says 80% of Maverick buyers are new to truck ownership.

  • Many of these people previously owned a Honda Civic, a CR-V, or a Toyota RAV4.

  • The Maverick is the most affordable pickup truck in America, and one of the only ones to have a Hybrid version.

Recent documents published by Ford show that the Maverick is bringing in many new buyers who have never owned a truck before.

Apparently, 80% of the people who buy the sub-compact pickup are new to truck ownership and according to the automaker, most of them used to own a Honda Civic, a CR-V, or a Toyota RAV4.

This can be explained by the price of the Maverick since it is the least expensive truck to buy in North America currently.

In addition, the entry-level version is powered by a fuel-efficient hybrid powertrain, which likely helps to convince buyers who want the utility of a truck without the increased fuel consumption and environmental pollution that usually comes with them.

This hybrid model is also fairly unique on the market since the only other hybrid trucks currently on sale are the Ford F-150 PowerBoost and the Toyota Tundra Hybrid, both of which are full-size models.

Interestingly, the Maverick is more popular than Honda’s similar Ridgeline, even with buyers who previously owned Honda vehicles.

This could be due to Ford’s popularity in the truck segment, notably with the F-series, which continues to be the best-selling vehicle on the continent, with 467,307 units having been sold in the United States alone since the beginning of the year.

The Maverick managed to shift 51,802 units in the same time, 3,154 of which reached their buyers during the month of September.

With the trucks lasting an average of only 6 days at the dealer before being sold, there are reasons to believe the popularity of the Maverick might be hampered by production delays rather than by a lack of demand.


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