Friday, May 27, 2022
News The Genesis GV60 Will Have Wireless Charging Capabilities

The Genesis GV60 Will Have Wireless Charging Capabilities

The Genesis GV60 will be the first vehicle to integrate wireless charging

  • The GV60 is the first vehicle to use this technology

  • A special pad on the ground can charge a GV60 parked over it

  • Wireless charging will be useful for autonomous vehicles and it could charge moving vehicles in the future

WiTricity, a company that specialises in the wireless transfer of electricity, has announced that its patented wireless electric car charging will be installed from the factory on the Genesis GV60, which will become the first production vehicle to use it.

This feature will allow owners to charge their GV60 by parking it over a special pad that will have been installed in their garage or their parking space. They won’t have to plug the cable in the vehicle since the electricity is transferred via a magnetic field, similar to wireless chargers for phones.

The charge time when using the wireless feature hasn’t been announced yet, but it should be the same as when using a wired level 2 charger. The GV60 can also use DC fast chargers at up to 350 kW, which is enough to go from 10% to 80% battery charge in 18 minutes.

Wireless charging will become more and more common as additional vehicles will offer it and it could be applied to entire roads, which would allow cars to charge while they drive, or at least limit their battery drain, thus providing a longer range.

This technology is also crucial for the deployment of truly autonomous vehicles, since they currently require people to plug them in to chargers. Wireless charging could allow them to simply drive into a charging bay when their battery gets low and drive out when they are ready, without any human intervention.

Hyundai (the parent company of Genesis) presented wireless charging back in 2018, but it is now ready to start selling it, in South Korea at first and around the world later.

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