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NewsThe Genesis Neolun is a Stunning Three-Row Electric SUV Concept

The Genesis Neolun is a Stunning Three-Row Electric SUV Concept

Genesis gets bigger

  • Is this the first car with in-floor heat?

  • Sleek design a prelude to the brand’s biggest EV yet

The Genesis Magma is the one that will get all the attention, but the Genesis Neolun concept is the more significant model for the brand and for customers. Inspired by moon-shaped porcelain jars from Korea, the Neolun is a look at a full-size SUV from the brand.

This big Genesis screams luxury, from the barely-there headlight signature to the giant wheels, to the barely noticable two-tone paintwork. But if you weren’t convinced, it shouldn’t take anything more than for you to open the coach-style rear doors and take a look at the deep purple interior.

Genesis Chief Creative Officer Luc Donckerwolke describes it as “the epitome of timeless design and sophisticated craftsmanship.” For once, it’s hard to argue with the exec. Because this ride looks sweet.

To help you get into that open cabin—there are no B-pillars thanks to that door—there are hidden electric side steps. The cabin borrows more inspiration from home by borrowing from Korean “ondol” heating. In your home, ondol means underfloor heating that takes its warmth from smoke that flows under the floor. In the Genesis, it means films in the dash, door trims, floors, and seatback that send heat up into the occupants.

The front seats will turn rearward if you want to have a chat with the people in the back. There’s also a large flexible display that comes down from the headliner if your passengers want TV. Genesis calls the cashmere and leather interior a blend of Royal Indigo with Purple Silk. The floor is real wood instead of carpet.

Will Genesis build this? Probably not the way you see it. But a full-size electric SUV, something along the lines of the Kia EV9 and Hyundai Ioniq 7, is almost a guarantee.


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