Tuesday, March 21, 2023
News The Honda Civic Will Receive a Hybrid Powertrain in 2024

The Honda Civic Will Receive a Hybrid Powertrain in 2024

Honda will add a hybrid version to the Civic in 2024.

  • The hybrid Civic will be available in Hatchback and sedan forms and will share its powertrain with the Accord hybrid.

  • Gasoline-only powertrains will still be available alongside the hybrid.

  • Honda will also modify the Passport and the 2024 Ridgeline, which will now receive a TrailSport version.

Honda had a busy year in 2022, and this year seems to start strong as well with multiple announcements for 2023 and 2024, including a hybrid Civic.

The automaker has revealed that the 2024 Civic will be offered with a hybrid powertrain taken from the larger Accord hybrid.

A hybrid version of the current Civic hatchback already exists in Europe and it is powered by a 2.0L gasoline engine and two electric motors that deliver 181 horsepower. Honda has yet to announce the American specifications for this model, which means that the output could be raised closer to the Accord’s 204 horsepower.

When it arrives on sale in Canada and the United States in the first months of 2024, the Civic hybrid will be offered in both sedan and hatchback body styles, a first for this model.

Indeed, the last time a hybrid Civic was sold in North America was in 2015 and its sales figures were very low compared to the regular Civic. Between 2019 and 2022, the Honda Insight played the part of a hybrid Civic but again, its sales were limited.

Honda believes that this generation of the Civic hybrid will prove popular despite the shift towards EVs and SUVs because according to the company, younger buyers still want cars and they want to reduce their carbon footprint at the same time.

Hybrids will also be important to Honda’s electrification strategy because they will bridge the gap between regular gasoline-powered vehicles and fully electric ones, such as the 2024 Prologue.

This is not the only announcement Honda made recently since the automaker also said it will be making changes to the 2024 Passport and the 2024 Ridgeline, which will receive a more rugged TrailSport trim level for the first time.

At Acura, the Type-S version of the Integra will make its debut in 2023 and so will the pre-orders for the ZDX electric SUV, which will only be offered in an online sales model. Finally, the TLX will also be granted modifications this year that should help it remain competitive in its segment.

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