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The Hyundai Ioniq 7 Could Reportedly be Named Ioniq 9 When it Enters Production

The Hyundai Ioniq7 could be named Ioniq 9 in the end, according to sources close to the automaker.

  • This name change could be intended to keep the new SUV in line with the closely related Kia EV9.

  • This will also give Hyundai more space for smaller models in its lineup.

  • The new electric SUV will be launched later this year.

After having unveiled the SEVEN concept back in late 2021, Hyundai is getting ready to launch its production version, but not before a name change.

Indeed, while it seemed logical that the SEVEN concept would enter production as the Ioniq 7, sources close to the matter have reportedly told Automotive News that it would be named Ioniq 9 instead.

This makes sense considering that the upcoming three-row electric SUV is closely related to the existing Kia EV9.

In addition, the future SUV will be positioned as an electric alternative to the gasoline-powered Palisade, which is the largest model currently sold by Hyundai in North America.

Hyundai SEVEN Concept

By naming it Ioniq 9 instead of Ioniq 7, Hyundai will thus leave itself more space for new smaller SUVs that could be positioned between the Ioniq 6 sedan and the upcoming three-row SUV in terms of size.

Another reason for this last-minute name change could be purely subjective since many automakers have observed that buyers prefer higher numbers for car names as they convey more prestige. Thus, an Ioniq 7 would appear as a smaller and cheaper model than the EV9 just because of its name.

This is the reason why BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Lexus have stopped naming their cars in relation to their engine size, since smaller modern engines would have resulted in customers feeling like they downgraded when going from an E300 to an E200, or an LS460 to an LS350, for example.

Hyundai SEVEN Concept | Photo: Louis-Philippe Dube

Hyundai hasn’t commented on this decision, but it has confirmed that the production version will arrive sometime between the New York Auto Show in April and the end of 2024.

Few details are known about the upcoming SUV, but we know it will share its platform with the Kia EV9, which means it will likely also share its powertrain options.

This means that the Ioniq 9 could offer an entry-level rear-wheel-drive version with 215 horsepower and an all-wheel drive option with 379 horsepower. A much more powerful N variant could also be in the works since Kia is reportedly working on an EV9 GT.

Hyundai SEVEN Concept | Photo: Louis-Philippe Dube

Range for the Kia EV9 is contained between a minimum of 370 kilometres and a maximum of 489 kilometres. Figures for the upcoming Hyundai model are expected to be similar.

Camouflaged prototypes of the Ioniq 9 have been spotted out on the road, and they show a great deal of similarities with the concept, except at the rear, where the low light bar has been replaced by vertical units that connect to a full-width third brake lamp at the top of the rear window.

More details about the new Hyundai electric SUV, along with a confirmation of its new name, are expected in the coming months.

Source: Automotive News


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