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NewsThe ICE-powered Porsche Macan is here to stay a bit longer

The ICE-powered Porsche Macan is here to stay a bit longer

  • The ICE-powered Macan should stick around for a few years.

  • The lack of charging stations is one of the reasons explaining thie decision.

  • The Macan crossover is very important for Porsche.


For several months now, Porsche has been working on the EV version of the popular Macan. The model, which will join the Taycan range in Porsche’s electric effort, is expected in early 2024, heralding the end of the combustion era for the German manufacturer’s most agile and accessible crossover.

This early retirement was scheduled for 2025 or 2026 on the North American market, but according to a report from Automotive News, this event could be pushed back to a later date. The model’s importance in the North American line-up is undeniable, with the compact-sized SUV alone accounting for a third of the sales from Porsche on American soil.

2023 Porsche Macan T

Porsche recently met with its American dealers at a two-day meeting in the Canary Islands, and what emerged was that customers interested in the electric product are reluctant, mainly because of the lack of charging stations in North America.

Beyond sales volume, the Porsche Macan is also the vehicle that has the thankless task of seducing this new clientele who want to afford a vehicle that’s a little sportier than the average, without falling into the more lucrative niche of the 911 or Cayenne, for example. This is undoubtedly another reason why Porsche’s North American management may well be forced to review its short – and medium-term strategy regarding the two versions – combustion and electric – of the Macan.

Indeed, with aggressive growth targets in the US, retaining the combustion-powered Macan is almost essential to achieving, or at least approaching, this ambition.


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