Wednesday, December 7, 2022
News The Integra will Not be the Last Gasoline-Powered Acura Model to be...

The Integra will Not be the Last Gasoline-Powered Acura Model to be Launched After All

Acura will introduce more gasoline-powered models before it goes fully electric, the brand says.

  • A rumor had previously stated incorrectly that all of the brand’s future models will be EVs

  • According to the brand’s spokesman, there is still at least one more gasoline-powered Acura model to be launched

  • The RDX and TLX could continue with a gasoline engine since they are due to be reworked soon

A news story originally published by Automotive News claimed that the newly introduced Acura Integra would be its manufacturer’s last new product launched with a combustion engine.

This, as it turns out, was incorrect. Indeed, a spokesman from the Japanese automaker was quick to say that there are more vehicles powered by combustion engines that are coming from the brand.

The rumor started due to a misunderstanding in an interview with one of the brand’s executives, but now it has officially been debunked.

Something that could have added to the confusion is that the brand did confirm it will not introduce new hybrid models, preferring to jump directly from fully gasoline-powered to fully electric vehicles.

Acura has not said which models are likely to retain their combustion engines in their next generation, but considering the RDX is currently the oldest model offered by the company, it is likely that the brand will not be ready to make it electric in time for its planned refresh. The TLX is another model that will possibly see a future generation powered by an engine before the brand becomes fully electrified.

This news doesn’t been that Acura is not working on electric vehicles however, since it will introduce a new SUV built by General Motors on its Ultium platform for the 2024 model year and a number of Acura developed EVs are expected starting in 2026, including a new NSX sports car.

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