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News The Internet Says : Toyota Wants Porsche’s Help For An MR2 Revival

The Internet Says : Toyota Wants Porsche’s Help For An MR2 Revival

The return of the Toyota Supra has given rise to many speculations about Toyota’s future plans. Back for another round is the return of the Toyota MR2

This is not the first time that the interwebs shares rumours of the possible return of Toyota’s compact mid-engine car, the Toyota MR2. There is an equal number of stories that state that Toyota has no such intentions.

What’s intriguing about the story published on autoindustriya.com is how the Toyota MR2 would come to return to our roads. At a drive event for the new 2020 Toyota GR Supra, they chatted with Tetsuya Tada, Toyota Chief Engineer, the man behind the Supra. This guy knows a thing or two about building bridges and sports cars. He did a thing with Subaru as well which brought us the Toyota GT86.

The question we all would ask Tada-san was uttered: “You worked with Subaru to revive the 86, and with BMW to revive the Supra. Who do you want to work with to revive the MR2?” To the question, he simply replied: “Porsche!”

Somehow, that answer says far more than meets the ear. If anyone can work the magic, Tada-san can. The obvious base for the next MR2 would be the Porsche 718 Boxster if the MR Spyder is to be reborn. Otherwise, the 718 Cayman would make a very excellent candidate.

Porsche 914
Porsche 914 | Photo: Porsche

There’s another facet to this. Earlier this decade, rumours circulated on the WWW about Porsche considering the introduction of a modern 914 successor. This plan, if it was one, was, eight years later, obviously put on hold. But maybe, just maybe, plans for the 914 successor still exist somewhere at Porsche HQ.

Why all this kind of works hovers around this 914. Let’s not kid ourselves: a 718-based Toyota MR2 would likely be priced equal or higher than the current Toyota GR Supra. This is a mega no-no. The 914 was an attainable Porsche and we surmise that a resurrected 914 would be positioned and priced below that of the 718.

Now, as much as speculating in this manner is one of the best parts of our jobs, it remains exactly that. It is quite possible that Tada-san was jesting around – the man probably answers this same question dozens of times whenever he participates in a driving event with auto-clowns like us.

Whatever the case may be, only time will tell if the Toyota MR2, or a Porsche 914 for that matter, ever returns.

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