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NewsThe Lamborghini Huracan will Become a Plug-in Hybrid Next Year

The Lamborghini Huracan will Become a Plug-in Hybrid Next Year

The Lamborghini Huracan will welcome a new plug-in hybrid powertrain next year.

  • The entry-level Lamborghini will replace its current V10 engine with a new plug-in hybrid powertrain

  • The supercar maker had previously announced all of its models will be electrified in some way

  • The combustion engine that will be paired with this hybrid system will have more than 6 cylinders but less than 12

Lamborghini announced its Huracan will adopt a new plug-in hybrid powertrain as soon as next year.

The supercar will trade in its current 5.2L V10 engine for a new electrified powertrain that will be much more powerful according to what the company’s Chief Technical Officier told Auto Express.

The combustion engine part of the drivetrain has not yet been revealed but the executive says to expect it to have more than six cylinders but less than twelve.

This leaves the possibility of a V8 or a V10 engine, both of which is equally as likely. Indeed, Lamborghini could simply add the electric bits to the current V10 engine to make the Huracan a plug-in hybrid, or it could use the same hybrid V8 it plans to use in the Urus SUV. Another possibility is that it could be an entirely new design.

What is known is that this engine will be exclusive to Lamborghini, excluding the possibility of it being shared with Audi, Porsche, or Bentley, which all fall under the VW Group umbrella. Rumours also say that the complete powertrain could deliver more than 850 horsepower, which would make the Huracan compete directly with the Ferrari 296 GTB PHEV.

Despite the gasoline engine being a large part of the character of Lamborghini vehicles, the company’s executives are not worried about the electrified future and they believe that it will make it easier to define a Lamborghini.

Indeed, the company’s CTO says that the throttle response and the management of the powertrain, and its power delivery can all be used to distinguish the brand’s vehicles from its competitors and from other EVs.


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