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News The Lotus Type 135 is a Glimpse into the Future of Electric...

The Lotus Type 135 is a Glimpse into the Future of Electric Sports Cars

Lotus Gears Up for an All-Electric Era with the Type 135 Sports Car

Lotus is carving out a new path with its all-electric Type 135. This two-seater sports car, set to be unveiled in 2025, will start the ball rolling for the brand as it transitions to an electric-only lineup by 2028.


The Evolution of a Legacy


Lotus’ dedication to sports cars remains unshaken, even as the company embarks on its electric journey. The Type 135 is a blend of tradition and transformation, designed to resonate with the spirit of Lotus’ illustrious 75-year history. It promises to deliver the thrills of models like the Emira, Exige, and Evora, but with an electric twist.


Lotus will be targeting rivals like the electric Porsche Cayman and Boxster with the codenamed for now Type 135. It is on track for a 2027 customer release. Interestingly, the car will share showroom space with the petrol-powered Lotus Emira for a short period. Despite revised emission regulation timelines for banning new petrol and diesel car sales in many areas, the Emira will retire in 2028.

Lotus initially explored a partnership with Alpine in developing the Type 135. However, both companies later decided to pursue their electric sports car projects independently. Despite this change in plans, a positive relationship persists between Lotus and Alpine.


The partnership with Britishvolt, a battery specialist, also added a layer of intrigue to the Type 135’s development. Although Britishvolt’s future is uncertain, the collaboration offered a glimpse into the car’s potential, hinting at design elements reminiscent of the iconic Lotus Esprit and the modern Evija electric hypercar according to Auto Express.


A Bespoke Platform for Unmatched Performance


The Type 135 will not use the ‘Electric Premium Architecture’ seen in other Lotus models. Instead, it will feature a unique ‘E-Sports’ platform developed under ‘Project LEVA’ (Lightweight Electric Vehicle Architecture). This platform is adaptable, capable of supporting various battery designs and sizes, and is designed to power the rear wheels exclusively.


Lotus detailed two potential sports car applications using this architecture. One model could feature a 66.4 kWh battery and a single 469 hp electric motor, while another might boast a 99.6 kWh battery and dual motors producing up to 872 hp. The battery design, either a ‘chest’ layout behind the seats or under the floor, will ensure a low ride height and a weight distribution akin to mid-engined petrol sports cars.



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