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The Lucid Air Beats the Record for the Longest Real World Electric Car Range

The Lucid Air broke the record for the longest EV range in real world testing.

  • The Lucid Air is the first car to break the 500-mile (805 kilometer) mark in Edmunds’ testing

  • It drove 505 miles (813 kilometers) on a single charge

  • The previous record was set at 422 miles (679 kilometers) by the Mercedes-Benz EQS

The Lucid Air has now proven it is indeed the electric car with the longest range on the market since it became the first EV to break the 500-mile (805 kilometer) mark in real world range testing done by Edmunds.

The tests are conducted in order to simulate normal driving conditions by taking the cars on a loop around southern California.

The Lucid Air Dream Edition claimed it had the longest range ever for an electric car, at 520 miles (837 kilometers) and it has now proven its title, despite falling short of the official EPA figure.

Indeed, the version of the Air used to set this record was the Dream Range Edition equipped with the smaller 19-inch wheels, which is the one that can achieve the longest range. The available 21-inch rims drop the range to 481 miles (774 kilometers).

In this test, the Lucid Air was able to drive for 505 miles (813 kilometers), which is 15 miles (24 kilometers) short of the EPA number, but still the longest range achieved by an EV by quite a margin.

Indeed, the Mercedes-Benz EQS is second in line according to the same Edmunds test, with a maximum range of 422 miles (679 kilometers). Interestingly, the German sedan achieved more than its EPA range while the Lucid fell short.

This might be due to Lucid using the complete 5-cycle measurement from the EPA to determine the advertised range, like Tesla does, while most other automakers choose the simpler 2-cyle method.

This is also why the Tesla Model 3 Long Range is in third place in this ranking, with a range of 345 miles (555 kilometers) despite its EPA figure of 353 miles (568 kilometers) placing it just in front of the EQS with its EPA range of only 350 miles (563 kilometers).


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