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NewsThe Lucid Air is Now up to $12,400 Less Expensive Than Before...

The Lucid Air is Now up to $12,400 Less Expensive Than Before in the United States

Lucid Motors is discounting the Air electric sedan for a limited time.

  • This makes for a starting price of $82,400, significantly less than the equivalent Tesla Model S.

  • More expensive versions also see their price being reduced.

  • Lucid says these rebates will only be available for a limited time.

The Lucid Air is an expensive premium electric sedan, but it has just got more affordable, at least in the United States.

Indeed, the company has announced price reductions of up to $12,400 for this model in the U.S., including a new base price.

The Pure entry-level version was previously offered at $87,400, but a price cut of $5,000 means it now starts at $82,400.

This is significantly less than the most affordable Tesla Model S Dual Motor, which comes with a price tag of $88,490.

The Touring and Grand Touring models are the ones where the reduction is the most impressive since both versions see the full $12,400 removed from the invoice, making for new prices of $95,000 and $125,600 respectively.

Lucid Air Touring | Photo: Lucid Motors

Customers who prefer to lease their next electric sedan can also benefit from a new 36-month deal that could see them drive away in a new Air for as “little” as $749 per month for the Pure model, $1,149 for the Touring, and $1,399 for the Grand Touring.

Potential customers will have to act quickly, however, since the lease deal is only available until the end of the month and Lucid Motors says the other price reductions are offered “until supplies last”.

These supplies might not be plentiful either since Lucid is still a very small company, with deliveries only reaching 1,404 vehicles over the entire second quarter of the year.

Things seem to be improving, however, since 2,173 units of the Air rolled out of the production line over the same time period, which means deliveries are likely to be higher during the third quarter.

In addition, the company recently started selling cars in Saudi Arabia, which is where most of its investors are located, and one of its main projected markets.

We don’t know if the price reductions are applicable to Canada at the time of writing.

Lucid Air Touring | Photo: Lucid Motors

Source: Carscoops


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