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News The Manual Toyota GR Supra is Confirmed

The Manual Toyota GR Supra is Confirmed

Toyota will sell a Supra equipped with a manual transmission after all.

  • Toyota confirmed the GR Supra will be available with a manual gearbox

  • This transmission will be paired with the turbocharged 6-cylinder engine

  • The automaker also confirmed this version will be sold in the US

Since Toyota brought back the Supra in 2019, enthusiasts have been yearning for a manual transmission and now their wish has been granted.

Indeed, Toyota has officially confirmed that a manual version of the GR Supra is coming and that it will be sold in the United States.

Toyota Canada has not yet announced if we will see it north of the border, but there is a good chance since we know it will be offered in Europe and Australia as well.

Few details are known as of now, but reports say the manual Supra will receive modifications to its chassis and a decontented array of driver assistance features, some of which require an automatic transmission to work correctly.

The Australian branch of the company also said that the transmission itself is a newly developed unit as opposed to an off-the-shelf component that is used in a variety of vehicles.

Since it will be only offered in the GR Supra, the sportiest model, the manual gearbox will be paired with the BMW-made 3.0L turbocharged inline-six-cylinder engine that delivers 382 horsepower and 368 lb-ft of torque to the rear wheels.

Manual Toyota Supra | Photo: Toyota USA (Twitter)

This addition will make the Supra stand out further from the BMW Z4, with which it shares most of its chassis and mechanical elements. Indeed, BMW only offers the Z4 with an automatic transmission, the manual version of the four-cylinder powered variant proving unpopular.

Appart from the addition of a clutch pedal and the different shifter, the manual Supra should be identical to its automatic counterpart, with the exception of the rear model badge, which will be bright red.

Toyota said it will reveal more details about the manual GR Supra in the next few weeks. This version is expected to arrive on sale as a 2023 model.

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