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News The Mini Recharged by Paul Smith is Unveiled

The Mini Recharged by Paul Smith is Unveiled

The Mini Recharged by Paul Smith is a modernized and electrified version of a special edition of the classic Mini that was released back in 1998.

The classic Mini is as much a part of car culture as the Porsche 911 or the Ford Mustang. Almost everyone is familiar with the diminutive city car first designed by Sir Alec Issigonis and it is clear that the original Mini leaves no one indifferent, if only because of its appealing silhouette.

And with its timeless design, the classic Mini is a perfect candidate for conversion to electric power. This time, it’s the turn of a limited edition of the car to be modified towards electric propulsion.

Indeed, this 1998 Paul Smith Edition Mini (produced at 1,800 units at the end of the last century) has just been fully restored by its designer, the main interested party who didn’t shake up the classic atmosphere of this 90’s Mini. The bodywork remains untouched, as does the bright blue color, which is apparently one of the famous designer’s favorite sweater colors.

Mini Recharged by Paul Smith | photo: Mini

Called Mini Recharged, this electric conversion of the world’s most famous city car is still distinguished by its lime green details, such as the badge on the front grille, the battery pack under the hood and the disc brake calipers.

Inside, the interior is also very similar to what was offered in 1998, the dashboard which still receives a magnet near the steering wheel to place a smart device, while all the controls are new, except for the speedometer. Finally, the steering wheel can be removed for easier access to the car’s cabin.

Mini Recharged by Paul Smith | photo: Mini

As for the mechanics, Recharged Heritage Limited has bolted a 72 kW (about 96 horsepower) motor under the hood of the car, though they won’t divulge any other figures such as the range between recharges.

What is clear is that there is still a place for the classic car on our roads, especially if the powertrain is electric.

Paul Smith | photo: Mini

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