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NewsThe new 2025 BMW M5 embraces PHEV technology

The new 2025 BMW M5 embraces PHEV technology

  • The super sedan delivers an impressive 717 hp and 738 ft-lb of torque.

  • The car is heavier that its predecessor.

BMW has finally unveiled its new M5 2025. The seventh-generation model is based on the recent 5 Series, but with a strong dose of performance.

At the front, the lower openings in the bumper contribute to cooling the engine compartment, even if the kidney grills don’t appear to be opened. Meanwhile, the front and rear fenders have grown somewhat to accommodate the wider tires, while the disc brakes are huge behind the sedan’s oversized 20″ and 21″ wheels (front and rear). As it is usually the case, the new M5 is quite restrained on the outside.

The new German super-sedan switches to plug-in hybrid mode with up to 717 hp and 738 ft-lb of torque. The result: 0-100 km/h takes just 3.5 seconds, and top speed (with the optional M Driver’s package) climbs to 305 km/h (250 km/h without it). Does this electrical gain mean the end of a large-displacement engine under the hood of the M5? No, the twin-turbocharged 4.4-liter V8 is still there, delivering 577 hp and 553 ft-lb of torque on its own.

Engineers kept the eight-speed automatic gearbox around and in-house all-wheel drive for this latest M5. To enhance the M5’s power output, engineers added a small electric motor to the sedan’s transmission, powered by a battery pack with a usable capacity of 14.8 kWh. This is housed under the floor to keep the weight firmly on the ground. The electric motor alone is capable of 194 hp and 207 ft-lb of torque. In fact, the latter is even capable of reaching 332 ft-lb thanks to a pre-tuning stage patented by the Bavarian automaker.

The BMW M5’s mission is to impress when it comes to performance, but let’s not forget the plug-in hybrid aspect of the equation. Range in electric mode is 40 km. The car can even calculate the distance remaining on the journey and ensure that the last few kilometers are covered exclusively in EV mode. It will be interesting to compare the new M5 with its ancestors, not least because of the extra weight generated by the addition of plug-in hybrid technology. The car weighs in at 2,445 kg. This is considerably more than the 1,971 kg of the previous model.

As usual, the M5 offers several driving modes. There are five: Hybrid, Comfort, Electric, Sport and Sport Plus, plus Dynamic and Dynamic Plus modes for track sessions. All seven driving modes are standard on the Canadian M5.

For the more playful driver, the front-wheel drive can be deactivated when all systems are switched off, as on the previous M5. This transforms the sedan into a rear tire shredder. As well as benefiting from a stiffer chassis than ever before, the M5 is entitled to its own suspension adjustments, as well as adaptive dampers. Four-wheel active steering is also included.

Inside, the ambience of the latest 5 Series is obviously back, but with a slightly more M-like feel. Ambient lighting helps, but the sports-wing’s racecar-specific red buttons spill the beans, as do the wrap-around front-row seats.

The entry price for the M5 2025 in Canada is $135,000, while the first examples are expected before the end of the year. 




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