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NewsThe New Volkswagen Golf R Will Significantly Raise The Sport Compact Bar

The New Volkswagen Golf R Will Significantly Raise The Sport Compact Bar

Volkswagen is proud of their flagship Golf R and driving enthusiasts will love it

  • This is the only thing we can share about the new R now.

  • We do have all the juicy details and can’t wait to share them all.

  • Next Wednesday, November 4th at 4 am is when it all goes live.

The Volkswagen Golf R’s roots stem back to the incredible Rallye Golf from the late 1980s. At the time, this homologation special was unlike anything else with its supercharged engine, AWD and unmistakable boxed-out flared wheel arches. Officially, the first Golf R was the MK4 R32 which launched in 2002. Since then, three other iterations of the “R” Golfs have been produced but the upcoming MK8 will be the greatest of them all.

The 1989 Volkswagen Rallye Golf never came to North America and TIL why. According to Wikipedia, then Volkswagen of America vice-president James Fuller, who was interested in bringing the car here, died while traveling home on the ill-fated Pam Am 103 flight.

1989 Volkswagen Rallye Golf | Photo: Volkswagen

The MK4 Golf R32 arrived in the US (not Canada) for the 2004 model year of which only 5,000 were sold. The MK5 R32, also reserved for the US in North America, came in mid-2007, also limited to 5,000 units. Both were powered by a 3.2-litre VR6 engine (MK5 got a 10 hp bump from 240 hp) and both featured a Haldex 4MOTION AWD system. The MK4 was, if you recall, the first production car to ever feature a dual-clutch gearbox (DSG) that was extraordinary when it worked…

Finally, the US and Canada got the MK6 Golf R in 2012, the first to be powered by a turbocharged 2.0-litre 4-cylinder engine. Unlike the first two, the MK6 was sold for two model years but even so, just over 750 were delivered new in Canada. The follow-up MK7 Golf R (288 hp from 256) was offered for five model years (between 2015 and 2019). Obviously, many thousands were sold here in that period of time. Here too, both cars are equipped with a fifth-generation Haldex 4MOTION AWD system (it was updated for the MK5) and a mix between manual and DSG transmissions.

MK6 Volkswagen Golf R | Photo: Volkswagen

Now, the MK8 Volkswagen Golf will present the next step in the R’s evolution. According to Volkswagen, it will be significant. As per usual, however, we will have to wait a while before it comes to our shores as Europe will get it first. To note, Canada happens to be the 4th most important market for the Golf R, behind the US and Germany of course.

We look forward to sharing details on the new car with you next week. More importantly, we can’t wait to drive it!

MK4 Volkswagen Golf R32 | Photo: Volkswagen
MK5 Volkswagen Golf R32 | Photo: Volkswagen
MK6 Volkswagen Golf R | Photo: Volkswagen


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