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NewsThe new Volvo EX30 will be revealed on June 7

The new Volvo EX30 will be revealed on June 7

  • The Volvo EX30’s design is similar to the one applied on the EX90.

  • This EX30 will be purely electric.

  • We can expect at least two variants of the crossover.


Its arrival was already confirmed, but now we know a little more about its upcoming official unveiling. The Volvo EX30 will be revealed on June 7th, its manufacturer also released a short video showing some specific features of the highly anticipated pocket crossover powered exclusively by electrons.

Volvo has already revealed details about the big and powerful EX90, but when it comes to this new EX30, the information is vaguer. In addition to this video posted on the web, technical images have also been uncovered showing what to expect from the urban electric crossover.

We can see a vehicle with similar proportions to the current XC40, but with a more aerodynamic silhouette and a front end very similar to the one of the new EX90 with its headlights on both sides of the bumper without any kind of grill. At the rear, the signature daytime running lights are a mix between what’s offered by Polestar with this very rectangular signature and the brand’s other SUVs.

Earlier this year, the brand’s head honcho, Jim Rowan, described the upcoming model as very important for the Swedish brand. He also mentioned that the price would be affordable, that the vehicle would be very safe and that its range and quality level would be in a good size vehicle. The goal with this new EX30 is to seduce a younger clientele, including an online sales experience.

It’s too early to confirm this information, but a rumor is already circulating on the web that the platform chosen to serve as a basis for this future electric crossover would be the SEA architecture belonging to the Geely Group, the Chinese giant that is already behind the Swedish brand. It is also believed that the small vehicle will be available in a rear-wheel-drive configuration or with all-wheel drive and two motors.

We’ll know more on June 7.


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