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News The Next Generation of the Chrysler 300 will be Electric

The Next Generation of the Chrysler 300 will be Electric

Chrysler will make an electric successor to the 300 starting in 2026.

  • Chrysler confirmed the 300 name will be used on an upcoming EV

  • This model should arrive in 2026

  • It will be built on an 800-volt architecture and it should have a range of around 500 miles (805 kilometers)

Chrysler will replace the 300 in 2026 with an electric vehicle that will wear the same name and share its platform with an electric Dodge sedan.

This means that the storied 300 nameplate will make it to the electric era and it also means that the current 300 will be replaced after having been introduced in 2005 and being last refreshed in 2015.

The large sedan will give way to an EV that will be built on an entirely new platform which will support an 800-volt architecture and a battery larger than 100 kWh.

This should give the next 300 a range of around 500 miles (805 kilometers) and charging times that are shorter than most EVs currently on the market.

Like the current version, this upcoming electric vehicle should share its underpinnings with an electric Dodge sedan, which could replace the Charger as a large family sedan aimed at the performance market.

Chrysler has already unveiled the Airflow Concept, a midsize SUV that would compete with the Ford Mustang Mach-E and the Tesla Model Y. The production version of this concept is due to arrive in 2025.

It is unclear if this vehicle could be the next 300 when it reaches production, but since the Airflow is due to arrive a year before the 300, it is likely that these will be two separate vehicles.

Chrysler has already announced it will have 3 EVs by 2028, one of which will be a minivan and another a crossover. If the 300 doesn’t turn out to be the Airflow under a different name, this means that it could remain a sedan.

Despite being quite small, a lineup of three vehicles would be an improvement for Chrysler since the brand currently only has the aging 300 and the Pacifica minivan to offer (the Grand Caravan being simply a pre-facelift version of the Pacifica).

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