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News The Next Tesla Model S Needs To Look Like This

The Next Tesla Model S Needs To Look Like This

If the next-generation Model S is anything like this rendering, Tesla will have a winner on its hands.

The Tesla Model S is getting old and a new generation will be needed soon. The upcoming Porsche Taycan and Audi e-tron GT will force Tesla to step up its game with the next Model S. The following rendering is certainly a great starting point.

Created by Emre Husmen and published on Béhance, this new Tesla Model S is simply stunning. Much more agressive than the current Model S which was introduced in 2013, the new Tesla Model S would feature a range of creases and curves, flared arches, a rear lip and a swooping roofline.

The front headlights are more slits than anything else while the rear taillights modernize the current Tesla design with a sportier end result. The front grill retains the overall design language of the current Model S, but there is very little resemblance between the two generations.

A New Interior For The Tesla Model S

Inside, the new Model S would get a more modern take on its current dashboard which is almost 10 years old now. The prominent center touchscreen is still front and center, but it now has a curved design to it and appears larger.

New Tesla Model S Rendering
Tesla Model S Rendering

We also are curious about the colorful display on the right side of the steering wheel. It appears the steering wheel would include some touchscreens as well.

We know this is just a rendering, but if we were Elon Musk we would give Emre a job right away. Point blank, the next Tesla Model S needs to look like this. It would be a proper high-end flagship that’s different enough from the Tesla Model 3 to justify the difference in price.

Earlier this week Tesla unveiled its brand-new Model Y and one of the things that people didn’t like so much is its similarity to the Tesla Model 3. With heavyweight competitors around the corner, a sporty, a distinctive Tesla Model S like the one rendered here is almost a must.

Next Tesla Model S Rendering

Tesla Model S Rendering
Tesla Model S Rendering

Tesla Model S Rendering
Tesla Model S Rendering

Next Tesla Model S Rendering
Tesla Model S Rendering

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