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NewsThe Next Toyota Tacoma was Revealed in Patent Images

The Next Toyota Tacoma was Revealed in Patent Images

The upcoming Toyota Tacoma will feature the same style as the Tacoma EV concept, which itself took after the larger Tundra.

  • The new Tacoma will look very similar to the Tacoma EV concept and the current Tundra.

  • A hybrid powertrain is likely to be offered as the most powerful engine choice.

  • These images mean the launch of the next Tacoma could happen later this year.

Toyota has been working on a new generation of the Tacoma mid-size pickup for a while now and new patent images show what to expect from its design.

The current version of the Tacoma was introduced for the 2016 model year, making it one of the oldest pickups in its class.

To rectify this, the next Tacoma will feature an entirely new design that will take heavily from the full-size Tundra.

Patent images from Brazil (INPI) have been leaked and they show exactly what to expect from the Tacoma in the styling department.

Toyota Tacoma design patent | Photo: INPI

The truck will share most of its styling cues with the Tundra, including the shape of its headlamps and taillamps, as well as the style of its grille. The Tacoma’s flared wheel arches will be more pronounced than the Tundra’s however.

This is not the first time this design has been seen on a smaller truck either since Toyota presented the Tacoma EV concept among many other concepts for electric vehicles in late 2021.

Comparing the concept with the patent images, the only element that clearly appears to have been modified is the grille, which is no longer filled in to allow cooling for the engine that will sit behind it.

Toyota Tacoma design patent | Photo: INPI

Speaking of which, rumours say that the entry-level Tacoma will share its 2.4L turbocharged four-cylinder powertrain with the Highlander, where it delivers 265 horsepower and 310 lb-ft of torque.

A different tuning could be used which would provide more power or torque, perhaps taking its output closer to the 275 horsepower and 317 lb-ft of torque it generates when installed in the new Lexus RX.

Toyota is Benchmarking the Rivian R1T for its Future Electric Pickup

In place of the current V6 engine, the Tacoma is likely to offer a Hybrid Max powertrain that could use the same gasoline engine combined with electric motors, such as in the Toyota Crown. In the truck, this powertrain could deliver up to 366 horsepower and 406 lb-ft of torque.

Both of these powertrains are significantly more powerful than the current offering since the 3.5L V6 used in the 2023 Tacoma can only manage 278 horsepower and 265 lb-ft of torque.

Toyota Tacoma design patent | Photo: INPI

Given the new truck’s strong resemblance with the Tacoma EV concept, it is possible that Toyota is also planning a fully electric version to be added later.

No timeline has been announced for the launch of the next Tacoma, but since the design patent was filed only yesterday, it might still be a few months before the public can see the new pickup.

Toyota Tacoma design patent | Photo: INPI
Toyota Tacoma design patent | Photo: INPI

Source: Motor1


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