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NewsThe Nissan Sylvia To Return In The Near Future?

The Nissan Sylvia To Return In The Near Future?

A new Nissan Sylvia could introduce a new era of compact sports cars, albeit an electrified one

  • The Sylvia was called 240SX in North America.

  • Nissan has revealed numerous appealing concepts over the last 15 years.

  • Plans to revive the car were abandoned following the financial crash at the end of the 2000s.

If you are not familiar with the lightweight sports coupe, google drifting videos and there’s a strong likelihood that you’ll come across a number of heavily modified Nissan 240SX burning up rubber slideways. Even though Nissan has just revealed the new Z car, it’s very possible that a Sylvia may join its ranks in the not too distant future.

Our market was introduced to the S13 and S14 which were sold between 1989 and 1999. Other markets got the S15 up until 2002 but despite the Sylvia’s short lifespan, it created a cult following. The car’s following nearly rivals that of the Z and Nissan has attempted to revive the car.

Nissan IDx | Photo: Nissan

A number of concepts were created as potential suitors for the new Sylvia, and according to, the project was put to bed when the financial crash of 2008-2009 hit global markets. This did not stop Nissan from designing other intriguing concepts such as the superb IDx which was revealed at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show.

Going forward, it appears as though Nissan might bring the Sylvia back as an EV, which would be expected. Nissan was in the lead when it came to EVs a decade ago however they’ve lost their edge to Tesla, Volkswagen, BMW, and others. Although the Ariya is on its way, Nissan could retake some of its past glory by introducing the first compact electric sports car in a next-generation Sylvia.

1995 240SX SE | Photo: Nissan

Should Nissan head in this direction, we don’t expect a new car before 2025.

Nissan IDx | Photo: Nissan
1994 Nissan 240SX Convertible | Photo: Nissan
1996 240SX SE-R | Photo: Nissan


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