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News The Nissan Titan May Bow Out as Early as 2024

The Nissan Titan May Bow Out as Early as 2024

The Nissan Titan’s market share was of only 1.4% in the US in the first quarter of 2022

  • Last November, it was all but confirmed that there wasn’t going to be a next-generation Titan.

  • Sales have been abysmal for a few years in the US.

Every six months or so, rumours of the Titan’s demise surface. This time, it looks like Nissan’s full-size may leave showrooms as early as 2024. Sales have never been better than mediocre, at best, in both Canada and the US since 2019. In fact, Nissan pulled the Titan from the Canadian market last year.

Despite considerable efforts by Nissan to make a dent in the segment, they’ve never quite managed to pry GM, Ford, and Ram owners away from their beloved trucks.

“Conquesting a brand-loyal Ford customer to come to a Nissan Titan has proven to be extremely difficult,” according to a Nissan dealer who requested not to be identified. “Because of their volume, the Detroit 3 have the budget to freshen and bring out new pickup products and technologies a lot faster than Nissan.”

The current generation Titan, which launched in 2015, was fitted with numerous must-have features including a Cummins diesel engine. This wasn’t enough to crack the segment and the engine was pulled shortly thereafter. And, although Nissan invested $230 million to update the truck in 2019, nothing has changed.

Automotive News’ source specified that there are no plans to replace it and that the automaker is in the process of deciding on whether to offer it up to 2024 or 2025.

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