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The Porsche 911 Could Receive a Solid-State Battery by the End of the Decade

Porsche will equip the future 911 with solid-state batteries, probably as part of a hybrid powertrain.

  • Porsche is reportedly working on a 911 equipped with a solid-state battery

  • This could be a fully electric vehicle, or a hybrid

  • Porsche previously said there would never be an electric 911

Porsche is apparently working on a future generation of the 911 that will be equipped with a solid-state battery, which means it could be fully electric.

The automaker has previously said that it wasn’t planning on ever making an electric 911 and that future models would be hybrids, at most.

This battery will likely be supplied by QuantumScape, an American battery maker whose largest shareholder is Volkswagen, Porsche’s parent company.

Solid-State batteries are different in design to the batteries currently used in electric vehicles since they don’t feature a liquid chemistry. The main advantage of these batteries is that they are more energy-efficient, which means they can pack more power into a smaller physical size, thus making them ideal to use in a sports car. In addition, solid-state batteries are less affected by cold temperatures and they don’t need to have a temperature control system. These batteries are also safer in case of a crash than lithium-ion batteries, which are at risk of catching fire.

Many automakers are working on this technology, which could solve most of the weaknesses associated with the current crop of electric vehicle. One of these companies is Toyota, who will install its first solid-state batteries in the next generation of the Prius, which should arrive in a few years.

Porsche is likely to follow a similar path as Toyota, which is to say that the 911 equipped with solid-state batteries will be a hybrid instead of a fully electric vehicle.

This would fit in with what the automaker said about the future of the 911. The first models equipped with these new batteries are expected towards the end of the decade, but the first hybrid 911s should arrive next year.


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