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NewsThe Porsche 911 May Die With The Internal Combustion Engine

The Porsche 911 May Die With The Internal Combustion Engine

Porsche CEO Blume hints that the Porsche 911 may not survive the advent of full electrification.

  • Porsche CEO Oliver Blume says the 911 will always be petrol-powered.
  • The push for electrified mobility is inevitable and may very well take over completely.

This headline hurts, and yet, is somehow fitting. In an interview about the discussion surrounding a general speed limit on German motorways, Porsche CEO Oliver Blume suggests that Porsche will always offer combustion engines, especially in the 911. He does add, conversely, that the onward march of electro-mobility cannot be stopped.

Blume explains that by 2025, there’s a strong likelihood that up to 50% of all Porsche vehicles might be electric or, alternatively, powered by a hybrid powertrain. Porsche is already well-versed in plug-in hybrid technology and as we know, the e-hybrid iterations of the products are not exactly slouches, quite the opposite actually.

He specifies that Porsche will always offer internal combustion engines but, in a way, he’s only saying that this will be the case as long as they can. He specifically brings up the 911 that, without exception, will get an ICE. This tells us that a hybrid 911 is inevitable and may very well be the technology that will power a next generation of the legendary car. But what will happen if the sale of new ICE vehicles is banned, or outlawed? If the Porsche 911 is never to go fully electric, could this signify the very end of the 911?

The very thought of an automotive landscape without arguably the greatest sports car ever built practically moves us to tears. H. G. Wells is quoted as having said “adapt or perish” and in this case, it’s not an ultimatum, it’s a decision. The 911 won’t be left behind as it will live on forever in the hearts of all car enthusiasts. Oh, and if we thought pre-owned 911 prices were ridiculous now…

Should Porsche rethink its position and adapt?

And no, we weren’t crying, you were…

Source: Porsche

Porsche 911 Turbo S – Porsche
Porsche 911 Turbo S | Photo: Porsche


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  1. Totally false. Cars with combustion engines will always be on the markets. No one could ban them totally because electric cars will always require too much time for recharge, too little range and the biggest problem is that after few years electric cars owners will need to change batteries (too expensive) because like mobile phones electric cars batteries’ will lose performances. Also funny countries like uk by one side say that they will ban combustion engine cars but on the other side they will permit the use of old cars and the purchase of used cars!! So maybe few people will buy electric cars but the majority will always use used and old combustion engine cars!!! This is pathetic.


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